What's the book about?

JavaScript + CSS + DOM Magic is a step-by-step tutoral and practical guidebook for web designers who want to use CSS and JavaScript on real-life websites.

Each chapter of the book is devoted to a typical web page that uses CSS, JavaScript or both. The chapter then describes, step-by-step, how that page was built. Along the way, you will find many solutions to the kinds of problems that arise when you're trying to build a real web page. From my experience, neither CSS nor JavaScript live in a vacuum: on many actual web pages, each must co-exist on the same page. This book teaches you how to make this happen.


March 4, 2008: Wow, nearly 2 and a half years have passed since my last update here! I am still very much alive and well, and writing elsewhere. Take a peek at my personal site to see what I'm up to these days. Now I know that the CSS 101 section has been down for a long time. I do intend to bring it back in some context, as an introduction to the subject for beginners. If you have any feedback, wishes, and so on please let me know via the contact page on my personal site.