Which Medicare Plan should I buy?

There are multiple Medigap policies to choose from starting from A to N. anyone with limited knowledge can get overwhelmed by so many choices. Plan A is the core policy and as you move through the alphabets, the coverage increases. All insurers offer the same kind of plans since they are set by the government. The cost of the policy varies depending on where you live, your health condition and the type of plan you choose.

Before you choose a Medicare Supplement plan, you must be aware of how much you have to spend out of your pocket for each plan.  These costs include the monthly premium and yearly deductible. If you need some help in determining which plan to pick, here are some questions you must ask yourself:

Do you travel often?

If you have to travel to aboard often, then select a plan that covers the foreign travel emergency. Plans C, D, F, G, M, and N can pay 80 percent of the emergency care in qualifying foreign countries. The coverage starts when you meet the $250 annual deductible.

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If so, then Medicare supplement Plan K or Plan L is recommended.  After you have spent $5120, Plan K covers 100 percent.  Plan L covers 100 percent after you have spent $2560. Before you reach the out-of-pocket limit, remember that these two plans offer the least coverage.

Medicare supplement Plans for 2019

Do you want maximum coverage?

If you want a maximum coverage, then go for Plan F. 60 percent of the people choose Plan F because it is one of the most comprehensive plans when it comes to coverage. It covers 80 percent of your foreign emergency care expenses.

It is best if you consult an expert who can explain all the pros and cons of each policy so that you know which one would be the right choice for you depending on your health conditions, the budget and the coverage options you are looking for. Remember that Plan A in Medigap is the most budget-friendly but it is the least comprehensive option.  Plan F is the most popular and comprehensive option. Since it is extensive, it is the most expensive one when it comes to the monthly premium.

Before reaching out to an insurance company, you must analyze your health care needs yourself too. Do not try to save money on the premium by choosing a plan that offers the least coverage.